"Aimed toward children, but enjoyable for adults, too"
"Cute and charming", October 19, 2012

"5 Teacups - I LOVED it"
"This would be very helpful to younger children who didn’t know very much about computers"
Laura's Adventures in Bookland, October 29, 2012

"One word: genius."
"This book is for children and adults alike, and will give you a glimpse into what goes on inside the little (and to most of us) unknown world of computers."
Moms'N Charge, November 8, 2012

"The Writing of Zuto really made reading the book a breeze."
"Udi Aharoni's World-Weaving in Zuto is fantastic."
" . . . it turns the inner-workings of a computer into a world that easy to imagine and that makes how a computer works more understandable."
Bibliophilia, Please, November 7, 2012

" . . . a really interesting book."
Concert Katie, October 23, 2012

Reviews of the Hebrew edition

Voted one of the nation’s favorite books for ages 9-12 in the Israeli Ministry of Education’s “Book Parade”.
May, 2012

"Special, highly original, full of imagination, and recommended for every child (and for parents as well)."
City Mouse, Tsomet Hasharon, November '09

“I enjoyed Zuto very much. I think transferring knowledge through a story that demonstrates it is a great idea. Also, the book is very well written.”
Writer Amnon Jackont, 2010

“Charming book. Educational not only for kids.”
IBA radio channel 2, August '09